2 de febrero de 2013

Billy Gould + Zon + Red Witch Electronics

Este 31 de Enero Billy Gould se reunió con Ben Fulton para probar su bajo (Zon) con un nuevo circuito (Red Witch Electronics) diseñado para conseguir nuevos sonidos, adaptabilidad entre otras cosas, al parecer Billy queda muy conforme con los resultados de la prueba y los sonidos que puede entregar el nuevo circuito diseñado para su bajo.

Algo familiar suena por la parte final del video. A continuación más detalles técnicos por parte del diseñador del nuevo circuito (ingles)

On the 31st Jan Billy Gould met with Ben Fulton from Red Witch Analog to test the circuit that Ben had designed for Billy's new Bass. Billy was very pleased with the result.
The circuit adds allows the user to blend DI bass and slightly grtitty overdriven bass tones - in parallel. The grit is only present when the player "digs in" - when played softly the sound is the same as direct. Trimmers for tone, o/d, blend etc will be accessible on the back of the bass to preset. The circuit will be engaged with one toggle switch on the front of the bass.

Billy basically wanted to be able to get his bass sound from any bass amp with a flat eq setting. Mission accomplished.

Look out for the Billy Gould signature model bass coming soon from ZON.

PLUS.......The Red Witch line of Bass pedals - unveiled Summer NAMM 2013!!!

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