29 de agosto de 2015

MULTI-INTERVIEW: Faith No More fans give their opinion on Sol Invictus and more!

Since we began Fnm4ever, we have been interested in getting to know the points of view of Faith No More fans; for that reason, we had interviewed a few of them. In this special time for the band, we asked ourselves: what if we interview fans in a different way that we have never done before? We thought it over and decided: Let’s do a multi-interview! Although, to be quite honest, we didn’t know if it would work, especially if it wasn't solely depending on us and since we were not sure if the fans who were invited would even participate or accept our proposal. Moreover, all the fans spoke different languages that made it a more difficult issue. Even so, we wanted to share our excitement and that of the other fans, concerning the recent release of Sol Invictus, and multiply those feelings by collecting all of these opinions here! Thus, we started to form the idea and it slowly began to take shape. This is how we invited fans who have followed and dedicated their time to Faith No More to participate. Fans that make up the sites and fan communities inspired in the band and some others from de artistic world whose works have been permeated with their influence.

So then, we got in touch with them and told them the idea. To our surprise, we received excellent feedback from them. The best of all was, besides they wanted to participate, that they were very cool with us, including those who never had direct contact with us.

Therefore, we are pleased to present this multi-interview with Faith No More fans from all around the world who have shared their opinions with each one of us. We want to thank all of those who have participated in this multi-interview and for their commitment to this idea, which was made possible due to all of them. With great pleasure we present our following guests:

Andy Couch from Caca Volante (United States) Caca Volante is the first community of Faith No More fans on the Internet; it was created in 1995 and has been active up until today. They also follow other related projects such as Mr. Bungle.

Pablo Fernandez from Bungle Weird (Brazil), site created in 1999 and which has his own community that follows Faith No More, Mr. Bungle, and other related projects.

Bruce Paterson from Fnmdiscography (Scotland) site created in 2004. It compiles images of front covers and FNM’s entire discography including all global editions and possible formats.

Marco Menaballi, Emanuele Pantano Andrea Fantômas from Cattivo Come Adesso (Italy) site created in 2004. It is the first Italian community which follows all Mike Patton’s projects,.

Andrew Bowie from FNM Gig Database (Australia) site created in 2007. It has a huge database where you can find all of the set lists of each FNM show including some that were pre FNM.

Adrian Harte from FNM 2.0 (Switzerland) site created in 2009; since then, it has kept a constant report for the fans on the latest Faith No More news following every detail related to the band.

Jim Brown from Faith No More Followers (England) site created in 2014. It covers all the news and history of Faith No More with detailed articles, interviews, and the band’s trajectory.

Francisco Rodríguez from The Holy Filament (Chile) site created in 2010. It specializes in avant-garde music. The site follows and provides coverage of bands from labels such as Ipecac, KoolArrow, Tzadik and many more.

David González (Basque Country) He is an outstanding musician and bassist for both bands: Berri Txarrak and Cobra. He was recently called by the Rockzone magazine to interview Billy Gould.

Matt Jacobs (United States) He is a talented Illustrator/Stroryboard Artist, illustrator of the recently released comic book “Faith No More / Mr. Bungle Comic Book” among many other works.

And, representing the host, Andrés Morales from Fnm4ever (Chile) Site created in 2010, initially focused as a "posthumous tribute" to Faith No More; but, as you know, the band did continue on and is still here. Every once in a while we have some crazy ideas for it. 

Now that we have gone through the introductions, we must clarify that many of these opinions were collected quite some time ago, therefore, those testimonies tell us about attending to Faith No More shows in Europe (events that already happened).

Let’s get started with this pack of questions!

FNM4EVER: Guys, tell us, as big fans of Faith No More, what did you feel like when the band announced they were going to release a new album after so long? Since the reunion, did you have any hopes that this would happen someday? How important FNM has been in your lives and what type of influence they have had on you with their music?

Pablo Fernandez / Bungle Weird (Brazil) I think it’s wonderful! I never expected anything from Faith No More. I didn't believe that the band would get back together, or even that they would record a new material. I’ve realized that Faith No More has finally been recognized by specialized media and that they are gaining a “cult” status which they definitely deserve. 

Although I'm not unbiased, because I have followed Faith No More for over 20 years, I participated in the “first wave” of fan movements on the internet (first with the list of Caca Volante, then with fnm.com, and, since 1999, with my site, Bungle Weird.) Now, I’m very impressed with the “2.0” sites that we have now. This is a very good time for all Faith No More fans. 

I think that Faith No More have had a huge impact in my musical life and I am convinced that they also had a very strong influence on my personal life too. 

It is difficult to separate music from who you are. All of these helped me to get to know and meet great people from around the world; and it has also helped me to improve my English a little bit and I'm pretty sure I'm am who I am in part because of Faith No More.

This is a topic too deep to explain in such a short answer, but I think this sums it all up.

Andy Couch / Caca Volante (United States) There is something I have noticed over the years. Faith No More might be my all-time favorite band, but I am in no way their biggest fan. Don’t get me wrong, I love Faith No More, but I am constantly impressed by the sheer enthusiasm that the fans have for their music. I’ll still go to as many shows as are convenient, but I won’t travel around the country or the world seeing them and I won’t collect every version of every release. I think that might surprise some folks. But in 1994 when I first got on the Internet, I used WebCrawler, the leading search engine at the time, to search for “Faith No More” and there was nothing. Not a single result. So I figured why not put up something about the band? And here we are 21 years later.

As far as how I felt when they announced there would be another album, I’ll admit that I was concerned. I was indeed surprised, but also worried. I was quite frankly afraid it wouldn’t be any good. I liked “Matador" okay, but I originally wasn’t impressed by the live version of “Motherfucker," but that all changed when I heard the studio version. When I got it, I played it on repeat for a couple of days. There was something there that gave me hope. Then that feeling increased with the release of “Superhero." And finally there was a wave of relief when I first heard the whole album. Of course by that time I had grown a little tired or hearing “Motherfucker" and “Superhero" and tended to skip them on repeat listenings, but now that I’ve had the album for a few months, I can finally start to appreciate all 10 songs together and I no longer skip the singles.

Adrian Harte / FNM 2.0 (Switzerland) As I mentioned in my review on FNM 2.0, I was a little anxious. The history of bands coming back and releasing good music after reuniting is not an illustrious one. I’m not sure anyone has really done it successfully. (Perhaps just Blur and Faith No More this year). So I was a little apprehensive. But more than that I was excited. Between 1997 and 2009 I had never even considered that Faith No More would reform or record new music. Now, my favourite band were back and we were going to hear new, fresh and exciting music from them!

(The possibility of a new FNM record before the release of Sol Invictus) It is a question I pondered every day since I was them take the stage at Brixton in June 2009. I tried and tried to get snippets that it might be happening and I always thought there was a possibility. I have been lucky to get to know Bill since the reunion and I would pretty much badger him for news. Now and again I heard promising news of things happening and then maybe (from others) takes that it was not going to happen – that Patton was too busy, that Roddy wasn’t into etc. Matador looked to be the harbinger of a new album but then nothing. And when the reunion stalled in 2012 I became pretty much resigned to there being no more new music.
But I heard from a source close to the band that it was on in the summer of 2013. My hopes were back up. Then in the spring of 2014, I heard from someone who had overheard the band playing new music in their rehearsal space. I didn’t report it at the time as the band weren’t ready to go public.  I had the news confirmed at Hyde Park and the wait has been long since then.

(The importance of FNM and their music in his life) It is  important – perhaps too important my wife would say! I don’t have any stories of how their music changed my life or sound tracked particular events like some. I just loved their music from when I first heard The Real Thing and Angel Dust is probably my favourite album of all time. I saw FNM twice in 1992 – supporting Guns N’ Roses at Slane Castle just after my 18th birthday in what was probably the greatest day of my life at that point. And then again in the Point Theatre in Dublin later that year supported by LZ which was probably the best gig I’ve ever been too.
But I got in with life and I certainly wasn’t an obsessive fan when KFAD or Album of the Year came out. So there are certainly bigger fans than me out there. But something clicked when I heard they were reuniting and I felt compelled to start a blog charting that mission. I had no idea it could become so all-consuming or what a ride I’d have running it. I’ve been lucky enough to get to meet the band and get to know some of them since and to have seen and even been side stage at concerts across Europe since 2009: in England, Switzerland, Italy, Portugal, Serbia, France and the Czech Republic and I’ll see them again in London, Milan and Hamburg this summer.

Andrew Bowie / FNM Gig Database (Australia) When I first heard about the reunion I was excited to be able to see them live again, but was hoping for some new music to make it worth it, not just a greatest hits tour. The tour ended up being great because they dusted off some old songs, and worked up some new covers, played KFAD with Trey, played some songs with Chuck. By 2013 to be honest I was thinking a new album better be announced soon because I was getting annoyed at all the extra work the new gigs were making for the gig database!

I liked Matador, but Motherfucker and Superhero seemed unfinished to me, so while I was excited to hear about the new album, I was also worried it wouldn't be very good. I had very low expectation before listening.

I just got back from buying the cd, and as I was walking through the store I had this rush of excitement anticipating seeing Faith No More on the shelf. I haven't felt that way about going to buy a cd in a very long time, and it's weird because I've already heard it!

Faith No More's music has been with me half my life. It's influenced my band, and through FNM I've discovered a huge range of new music. I'll admit, toward the reunion FNM weren't high on my priority list of music, and the gig database was getting neglected... But now they're back high on my mind all the time. It's not like when I was young though, when FNM was on a very short list of bands I liked. Now I like hundreds of bands, so it's much harder to get my attention. Even so, I'd say FNM are still my favourite band.

David Gonzlález / Berri Txarrak & Cobra Bassist (Basque Country) When I first discovered FNM I was about 12 years old and I never had had the opportunity to see the band live in a concert. When I heard of their return to the stage, I felt a kind of joy and fear at the same time. The mere memory and aura surrounding their legacy caused me to feel a type of fear when I thought what it would be like to see them after 18 years. Finally, in the “Reunion Tour”, I ended up seeing them 3 times (Frankfurt, Bilbao and London) and each show exceeded my expectations. I think they are one of the few bands that have returned more complete than before their breakup in 1998. 

Then the announcement of the new album came. If you really think about it, this had to be their next move. After seeing them enjoying on stage again, I really hoped that this would be the next step. I think the music scene is quite lucky to have them back. 

From a musician’s perspective, Faith No More is my main inspiration. I always give the example of “Midlife Crisis” in which the base line is only one note, a clear example of how to play for the song and not to show off yourself. This is one of the most important lessons I have learned of music.

Francisco Rodríguez / The Holy Filament (Chile) Aside from being in a big fan position, the sensation, after the announcement of Faith No More’s new album, was as a positive impact that felt – according to my point of view– in every corner of the industry. We never doubted that Gould’s musical creativity would be channeled once again through his mother band. That came as great news to all of his followers, fellow musicians, all 90’s lovers, and those who were interested in the band even after their separation. 

I think I did not put forward my concerns about a new material. Reunited in 2009 and with great activity as a band up until the announcement of their new album, FNM did nothing but solidly built their way to the current validity… In the first place, they were reliving the ample material of their previous discography; then, they added few surprises. I did not expect it, but I was not shocked either to hear the news of the new album. I do not know if you understand, but natural actions and not forced actions –as they have tirelessly stated– produce such measured and rational feelings that create such a peaceful wellness.

Jim Brown / Faith No More Followers (England) I kinda knew it was coming Bill had hinted a few times, and after the songs were showcased at Hyde Park it was inevitable. But I was still in shock, a blissful delerium.  
I've have listened to and loved FNM for 25 years. Their music been the soundtrack to my life, my inspiration. As a kid I would dress like Mike Patton. I judged every other album by any band to their standards however their music also turned me on to so many more genres. It is due to FNM that I followed a career in the music industry. I think as an adult my love has turned to obsession, I have an extensive collection of FNM items including vinyl, CDs, shirts, posters..... Their music still remains a great support and influence on my life.

Matt Jacobs / "Faith No More y Mr. Bunlge Comic Book" Illustrator (United States) When I heard Faith No More was doing a new album...for the first time since '97, I was beyond excited. I never thought it would happen. Even when the Reunion Tour was happening. I thought that was it, and I was very skeptical. The impact they've had on my life as artists has been huge. I started to listening to most of the music o still do as a young child. FNM was no acceptation. Especially when Angel Dust came out. I became like obsessed for a lack of better term haha Angel Dust changed my life. As an artist, I really get into the stuff I listen too while I work. That album has stood the test of time for 23 years, and I haven't taken it out of rotation for longer than a month in that whole time. Needless to say, I've been a lifer since The Real Thing. As soon as that album came out I was hooked and immediately went and got their first two. I stuffed myself with FNM until each following album came out.

Bruce Paterson / FNM Discography (Scotland) I love a lot of bands but Faith No More have always had a special place in my heart simply because of the joyous melting pot their unique chemistry created. Schizophrenic, enigmatic vocals, enormous riffs, poppy keyboards, pumping bass and tribal beats colliding in ways never heard before. The first song I heard was Midlife Crisis and I literally thought it had come from another planet! When the band announced the reunion tour I was disappointed there wasn’t a new album to go along with it. The worst thing they could have done was force and/or rush it but as always they’ve gone about their business with class and style.

Marco Menaballi / Cattivo Come Adesso (Italy) When I discovered Faith No More it was the King for a Day period. OK, I was late, I was the perfect “merdallaro” (as Mike would say) and I really loved bands like Suicidal Tendencies, Metallica, Megadeth and all those kind of things. When I first listened to Faith No More it was because of “Digging the Grave”, a song that blew my mind off! I was singing in a band during that period and that song changed our way of playing music. That’s when we started covering FNM with “KFAD”, “Surprise You’re Dead” and “The Gentle Art of Making Enemies”. It was a great period and so many bands merged from the Italian alternative scene like rats from a sewer, but nothing impressed me so much like FNM’s attitude and Mike Patton’s voice. I’m a huge follower of Mike Patton and I tried to get all of his possible releases, even those on “weird” labels such as Tzadik. But my absolute favorite Mike bands are FNM and Mr. Bungle. To be honest, once I thought I would ever be able to listen to any other album from the craziest of the two bands, so, when I knew about Sol Invictus, well I started to get crazy. The influence from Album of the Year composition was obvious, and even if my fav album is KFAD I was completely happy and curious. I’m still thinking that songs such as “Pristina” or “Last Cup of Sorrow” are some of the best FNM tracks ever. At the first listen the abum seemed a bit confused to me, so far from the perfect KFAD and Angel Dust down mix… But once I got into it, I really appreciated the album and it didn’t get out from my stereo for at least a month. Do you want to know if I am satisfied? Yes, I’m fully satisfied, even because I think that FNM are experiencing a renewed youth since they came back!

Andrés Morales / Fnm4ever (Chile) When Faith No More announced their new record, I had a lot of emotions; but before that, when they originally had hinted with the “tweets from twats”, it was evident what was to come and I was really expectantly at that time. As well, with the live premiere of Superhero and Motherfucker at their show in Hyde Park, the new album was getting closer and closer; but, in that particular moment, I didn’t stop that much to analyze the new songs.

When the new record was confirmed, I was happy and disconcerted.  I could not believe it. Even so, I convinced myself about this and was sure that something big was awaiting both, the band and its fans. Something that I had given up hopes to happen was becoming real. It was weird, but ever since their reunion I thought very little of it, even when “Matador” had its live premiere in 2011. Since 2009 it was enough for me that my favorite band was still alive and I think the best thing that happened was that they took all this time to make a new record. I like how they did it, in a free and independent way. Perhaps the guys in the band don’t know it at all, but with their return and new album they have made a lot of people immensely happy (myself included).

Regarding to the importance and influence of Faith No More in my life, I can sincerely say that it has been very important; in fact, the music of FNM has accompanied me throughout most of my life. Although I must admit that it was not “love at first sight.” The first time I heard FNM, I just found it interesting. I realized they were a special and different band; and later, my passion for the band gradually began to grow. I discovered a group with a unique personality among many other characteristics. When I understood their message completely, FNM became my favorite band. In them, I found everything I was looking for in music, and the strangest thing is that I didn’t know what I was looking for. But this band got it; they helped me to expand my mind and they became part of my personality. The guys and their music have given so much to my life. They have made me happier. Even though, this may seem exaggerated and hard for other people to understand, I have followed them through all these years; I’ve come to cherish every member of Faith No More as close friends. I have an immense respect for them even without knowing them intimately. I have only been able once to greet them personally and they were very friendly. Everything I do for Fnmm4ever, I do it with love, dedication, and respect. For me, these guys are great both ways: on and off the stage. There are many examples to prove this.

FNM4EVER: Guys, tell us; what is your opinion about the band’s new album, Sol Invictus?

Adrian Harte / FNM 2.0 (Switzerland) I did a huge review on my site so sorry if this is a rehash of that. It is a wonderful record – for me, its second only to Angel Dust but I might change my mind on that when I’m less excited my hearing it. I’ve been lucky enough to have had a preview stream and I’ve listened to it non-stop for weeks. It works thematic as an album, requires several listens to really appreciate and has no many ideas and surprises. Patton is on fire and Bill and Puffy really drive the whole album. Roddy’s piano is back out front leading the melodies and Jon Hudson adds some wonderful guitar flourishes on top. My favourite tracks are the meaty middle of the album – Separation Anxiety and Cone of Shame which are as good as anything they have done. But there’s not a track I don’t like. Rise of the Fall has drawn me in again and despite not liking the lyrics initially Sunny Side Up is a great pop song.

It gives up delights and pleasures and shock and awe with each new listen. It’s fresh but redolent of the band’s best work; dark but with trademark humour and a resurrection theme; energetic and even pummeling in places but considered and calm where you least expect; epic in scale and conception but short at less than 40 minutes; dominated by the chameleonic and highly skilled vocals of Mike Patton but a truly group effort helmed by Bill Gould and featuring sublime but never showy musicianship.

Bruce Paterson / FNM Discography (Scotland) Sometimes it’s apparent just from the vision and brilliance of the artwork that you’re holding a special album in your hands and this is certainly one of those times. A lot has been said about the number of tracks and running time but this a the perfect return for the band that will surely give them the confidence to go on and get REALLY interesting in the years to come. This is so good it sits comfortably in one of the finest catalogues in music history and will undoubtedly get better with each passing year. It feels to me like a natural successor to Album of the Year but nowhere is it derivative or staid. 5 stars, thumbs up, smiley face.

Matt Jacobs / "Faith No More y Mr. Bunlge Comic Book" Illustrator (United States) I've had Sol Invictus on repeat since it came out. From open to close the album is moody, cinematic, fast, slow, jumpy, and skittish.... I love the slow opening of the track Sol Invictus leading into the fast paced Superhero, taking us through its travels of the schitzo track Separation Anxiety to the soulful Sunny Side Up, the amazing "gigantic" feel of tracks like  Matador, Cone of Shame, and takes us out with the beautiful Back From The Dead.... And then I hit play on track one again. Hah! I wish there was more! It's SO good, it leaves you wanting more.

Andrew Bowie / FNM Gig Database (Australia) Sol Invictus is excellent. I really like it. I was all ready to hate it, or at least find it sounding wrong somehow, but it really is great. It sits nicely with their other albums.

Personally I've been having issues with the melodies Patton has been coming up with lately. I was really worried, especially after hearing some new songs live. It sounds to me like he's working around having less of the high range of vocals he used to have, so he's holding notes I don't really like, and adding lots of production. 

The album has some of that, but mostly it works. I only really cringe in Sunny Side Up and the start of From The Dead. I'm getting used to it too. It's a style thing. 
I adore Cone Of Shame, Matador, Separation Anxiety, Black Friday. The other songs, 
including the singles work well in context of the album. As an album it flows well, and is a good length. Far too many albums are too long these days. SI leaves you wanting, so you start it again. 

I'm really hanging to listen to the cd!

Jim Brown / Faith No More Followers (England) The new album is unbelievable. A stunning addition to their catalogue. Although it is unmistakably FNM it is a refreshed sound with cutting edge songs. Standout tracks for me are 'Separation Anxiety', 'Black Friday' and 'The Rise of The Fall'. Patton's delivery is flawless, Bill and Roddy give the performances of their career, Puffy is as ever superb and Jon has finally crushed the ghost of Jim Martin. With each listen it is possible to discover something new. Aggressive, emotional, intelligent and worry 'Sol Invictus' is everything we have come to expect from FNM yet it still has its surprises.

Francisco Rodríguez / The Holy Filament (Chile) I think that it is a skilled and intense album. It rescued the sounds of the years 95 to 97 and this new album is a logical mutation of the last one. Sol Invictus doesn’t seek imbalances that alter their fluidity and ability to run smoothly, where dizzying breaks in rhythm are evidently secondary.
Thus, the release of the single Superhero and the hurried live debut of songs like Cone of Shame and Sunny Side Up leveraged the balance of Faith No More that had given us parts of their counterpart with Matador and Motherfucker. They could even make other songs pairs with those leveling vectors; but in this case it is irrelevant to play with those details. I highlight the complicity of Bottum and his instrument and his assertive melodies as well as the strength that he gives that always has made Gould shine. They, together with Hudson-Bordin – a complementary pair of enormous trade who know what to demand from their instruments – became authentic, with their particular type of rock, the rock of Faith No More, which certainly gave the platform to Mike Patton so that he can venture in the band with all of his experience in a colorful palette of his impulsive sobriety reflection and debauchery.

Andy Couch / Caca Volante (United States) Like most folks, I rank Angel Dust as my favorite album, but I’m going to have to give Sol Invictus the #2 spot. There are individual songs on King for a Day and Album of the Year that might be better, but as an album, Sol Invictus has the most consistently good songs. There are songs on King for a Day and Album of the Year that I just don’t care for. I can’t say the same about Sol Invictus. I love, or at least like, every single song. For me personally, I’ve always loved songs that start out slow and then build, like The Crab Song or Zombie Eaters. So Cone of Shame is definitely the highlight of the album for me.

Emanuele Pantano Cattivo Come Adesso (Italy) Sol Invictus came six years after the reunion, a time frame in which the band had been able to loosen old tensions, to test that they still worked great together and make great concerts, working free from the majors. The album really seems to be the mirror of all these things. The band is at its best with a short tracklist but with fully inspired songs. While you are listening to the record, you never get the feeling of listening fillers. Everyone is in a great form and Patton in particular has in place a monstrous performance, without exaggerating with the effects, but always singing as a function of what the songs require. My favorite track is perhaps "Cone Of Shame", it begins with a Morriconian intro and then slowly grows in tension becoming more and more energetic and muscular. But all the songs are of a certain level, from the elegant introduction of the title track until the carefree end of "From the Dead".

One thing we didn't like, unfortunately, (and we have also talked about it on the Facebook page of CCA): the album has a master a bit too compressed and the louder songs reach distortion and cause listening fatigue...

Pablo Fernandez / Bungle Weird (Brazil) From the first time that I heard the record, I found that those were the best compositions from Faith No More since Angel Dust and I continue true to that opinion. The album has Faith No More’s essence and it is not similar to previous albums. 
I liked the production and mixing. Referring to these, Sol Invictus surpassed my favorite that was King For A Day, and Angel Dust follows closely behind. The album does not have any samples; it is very clean, with a “live” touch.  

What band would gather together songs such as “Sol Invcitus,” “Sunny Side Up,” “Black Friday” and “Matador” all on the same album? They are all totally different things; they are all very good and Jon Hudson’s performance is totally surprising. He is very prominent on the album.

David Gonzlález / Berri Txarrak & Cobra Bassist (Basque Country) I really think it’s an album that you should listen to several times to really appreciate it. But I don’t think it is their best work. It still seems like a great album, very consistent with the current times, and musically consistent with their previously discography and musical unrest. Listening to the album several times, you become familiar with the songs and you can discover them. “Superhero”, “Separation Anxiety”, “Cone of Shame”, “Sunny Side Up” (my favorites) and “Matador”… are some clear examples of this. Their unmistakable sound and their ability to mix styles and intensities, maintaining a musical coherence, is very difficult to achieve and very few are able to reach it. This is what makes the difference between Faith No More and other bands. 

“The music that is missing in our lives is our biggest influence”. This was one of the answers that Bill Gould gave me when I asked him about FNM’s influences. This is precisely what “Sol Invictus” represents in music today, a space that needed to be covered since over 18 years ago.

Andrés Morales / Fnm4ever (Chile) Sol Invictus really surprised me. Before listening to it, I had imagined that it would have many extremely aggressive songs predominated by keyboards. To my surprise, what I found was a strong but harmonic album with a lot of classical piano. It is dark but bright at times and without any easy musical resources. FNM’s music is an experience of constant knowledge and recognition, and Sol Invictus is not the exception in this case. It is a very honest album, referring to how it was done. I am not saying that their previous albums were not honest, but rather the past records were done differently. Track 1 moved me the most as it was the first song I heard on the new album, maybe because  it was the first track from the new concept of FNM and so much time had passed since I had heard something new from them. Superhero has dynamic guitars and this is one of the things that Billy is able to do with a bass full of life independent from other instruments, but at the same time, perfectly coupled. Sunny Side Up has new elements as well as other recognizable elements: particularly vocal elements; however, it is a bit different from their previous works. Separation Anxiety is devastating, Cone Of Shame is desert and of great evolution, Rise Of The Fall is intense, slow and daring, Black Friday is rhythmic and bold, Motherfucker is intriguing and cloudy, Matador is dynamic and emboldened, and From The Dead gives us a perfect closing that provides excitement and causes you to realize that it is true: FNM has a new album and it is so good! The band as a whole has done a great job, contributing with each of their great artistic quality, which is ultimately reflected in the final result: their amazing album! The best part is that they are seen as a very engaged group.

FNM4EVER: Lastly, tell us, guys. What are your expectations for the band’s future? Would you like to see something special happen?

Andy Couch / Caca Volante (United States) I honestly don’t have any expectations. As a pseudo-contractor, working for Ipecac/Reclamation/FNM (for those that don’t know, I moonlight as their web/IT guy), I want them to continue so I can play my small role, but I don’t want them to release more material just because they feel obligated to do so. Thankfully, they’re not in a position where they have to fulfill any contracts or anything like that, so they’ll only do what they want and I hope they want to do more. But even if they decide this is it, then I’ll be happy. Sol Invictus is more than I ever hoped for.

Bruce Paterson / FNM Discography (Scotland) I’ll be happy for them to just keep doing what they’re doing. There are songs recorded during Angel Dust sessions that have never been released, it’s time for them and all others to be put out on a compilation or box set! A 2017 Angel Dust 25th Anniversary Tour would be pretty sweet… It’d also be nice to see Big Ugly Jim Martin back in the mix too (even if for a special appearance at Download or something!). I’d also like Billy to start following me in Twitter! Is that too much?!

Adrian Harte / FNM 2.0 (Switzerland) I knew since last summer that they had 25 songs or so and the band have stated in interviews that they have them tracked if not finished. Obviously, I would love another album to see where they go next. But I’m also keenly aware that the guys are on a serious promotional treadmill now and will have been doing promo stuff including about a thousand interviews and touring from April until October. They will probably require a long break after that and then there’s their various other projects. I’d like to see another album in 18 months rather than 18 years but I’m not sure that will happen. It would also be interesting to hear an album with Patton more involved in the early writing stages and with more song-writing input from John. On a more personal note, I’d love them to play another gig in Switzerland and one in Dublin too.

Francisco Rodríguez / The Holy Filament (Chile) I have no expectations at all. I wouldn’t be surprised if the band finishes the tour in a few months and goes back to recording, or if they decide to announce a 5-year break or even more. What I would like, as a consumer, is that they edit more material (regardless of the time involved) and have the opportunity to see them live. will always be pleasing if the band plays because they love it and not because they have to do things for something or someone else.

Matt Jacobs / "Faith No More y Mr. Bunlge Comic Book" Illustrator (United States) Personally I'd LOVE to hear another new album...like, tomorrow! Hah! I'm hoping for extra tracks on singles, like the days of old FNM,  and to see them preform this stuff live as many times as possible (so far I've hit 8 shows on the Sol Invictus Tour), as they're ALWAYS everything you hope for and then some.

Andrew Bowie / FNM Gig Database (Australia) I'd like to see another album or two. They seem to be enjoying touring, hopefully they don't over do it and get sick of each other. 

New albums will be hard though. We're so used to their albums all being huge changes for the band. If they do another album it'll be the first time they did it (two albums in a row) with a solid band. Maybe that in itself will be interesting. I doubt they'll give us their equivalent of Metallica's Reload.

A big part of FNM for me used to singles and b-sides. I really miss that. I'm not a fan of vinyl at all. I'd love to see an ep like Songs To Make Love To with a new cover, some weirdness. 

I'm also a fan of Patton's other projects (Fantomas, Mondo Cane). I'd hate to see those projects end. Hopefully he finds time to play in his time off. 

Jim Brown / Faith No More Followers (England) More UK shows, more of everything. In these 18 years I've become very greedy for Faith No More. However I'm just happy they are back. 

Pablo Fernandez / Bungle Weird (Brazil) Honestly, I don’t expect as much as the fans and even the media are expecting regarding the positive reviews. Whatever comes the band’s way will be a gain. Whatever happens depends a lot on the tour they are having this year. If there is the same vibe as throughout “The Reunion Tour” (which I think there will be) there is a great chance for more good things to come; even so, I don’t think it will be soon. They will take a break eventually, because they aren’t 20 years old anymore.

David Gonzlález / Berri Txarrak & Cobra Bassist (Basque Country) My expectations have been met. The simple fact that the group is back together with a demolisher live show and a new album makes me truly happy. I think they are living a very sweet moment as a band and surely there is more good news to come. We have Faith No More for a while longer!

Andrea Fantômas / Cattivo Come Adesso (Italy) I'm not a huge fan of FNM, but I really like Sol Invictus: I'm more into Mike's experimental side, but I can say that this is a good album, and I really appreciated it. On the other hand, I can hardly say what to expect from the future of the band: I could say that I'm still waiting for a new Fantômas' album, but I think Dave (Lombardo) has to kick Mike's ass in a studio, forcing him to sing to make this happen. Same for Tomahawk, and not to mention Mr.Bungle...... But now it's FNM time, and I think that we will probably listen one or two more albums in the future.

Andrés Morales / Fnm4ever (Chile) As any fan, I would love the band to continue on for a long time making tours, new releases, everything. That would make me very happy. But for this question, I have several answers and I think the most appropriate and honest one from me is the emotional answer since it is what I truly feel. Thus, I can say that, because of the appreciation and love that I have for these guys in the band (including the ex-members) I would like them to do whatever makes them full as artists and individuals. Separately or as a band, however they want it. I just want Roddy, Billy, Mike, Puffy, and Jon to be very happy.

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